Renewable Energy Group


We believe we are the largest operator, marketer, and distributor of biodiesel in the U.S. We have played a leading role in defining the U.S. biodiesel industry for the past ten years. This experience has enabled us to develop expertise in operations, procurement, marketing, production, logistics, risk management and biodiesel facility construction management. During 2006, we marketed approximately 78 million gallons of biodiesel, representing approximately 27% of U.S. biodiesel sales. Most of this biodiesel was marketed under our SoyPOWER brand, which we have been selling for more than a decade. We operate a network of biodiesel production facilities, with aggregate production capacity of 132 million gallons per year, or mmgy, currently consisting of one facility wholly-owned by us and four facilities owned by third parties, for which we manage facility operations, input procurement, quality control, marketing and distribution logistics, as well as assist with risk management.

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