Regulus Therapeutics announces IPO

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Total Cash Raised : $58 million

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Announced/Filed: Aug 20, 2012


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microRNAs are members of a large class of non-coding RNAs of approximately 22 nucleotides in length that regulate most genes in the genome. A single microRNA can target and regulate up to hundreds of genes, and these genes are involved in biological networks or pathways. Dysregulated microRNA expression is involved in the initiation of many complex multi-factoral diseases, including cancer, inflammatory disease, fibrosis, and metabolic disease. microRNA therapeutics are oligonucleotide medicines that modulate the function of microRNAs, correcting the imbalance of gene expression and associated cellular pathways to treat human disease.

Regulus was formed in September 2007 by Alnylam Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ALNY) and Isis Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ISIS). Regulus benefits substantially from the collective therapeutic RNA expertise of its founding companies, including established proprietary oligonucleotide-based technologies, and broad and dominant intellectual property estates specific to chemically modified oligonucleotides. Regulus has exclusive rights to over 900 patents and patent applications pertaining to oligonucleotide modifications, conjugates, and design patterns, all for use in targeting microRNA for therapeutic applications. Additionally, in the field of microRNA therapeutics, Regulus exclusively controls over 100 patents and patent applications directed to microRNA specific technologies, including microRNA target sequences, therapeutic uses, drug products, drug designs, and analytical methods.

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