Aerospike Inc receives an investment

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Series: B
Announced: Aug 27, 2012


an undisclosed amount of Series B funding.

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PRESS RELEASE - Aerospike Inc receives an investment

Mountain View, CA – August 27, 2012 – For Web-scale, consumer-facing applications—where response must be immediate, and failure is not an option—more companies are betting their business on the Aerospike real-time NoSQL database (formerly Citrusleaf). Now the surge of customers in production within some of the world’s most data-intensive environments has led Aerospike to attract premier technology investors and luminaries to support the company in its next stage of growth. New Enterprise Associates (NEA) has led the Aerospike Series B funding round and was joined by existing investors Draper Associates and Alsop Louie Partners. Additionally, Don Haderle, the father of IBM DB2, has joined Aerospike as a company advisor.

“The stunning customer traction points to the unique value Aerospike brings to the growing ranks of enterprises that have to predictably process massive amounts of data in real-time without fail,” said Bruce Fram, Aerospike CEO. “With Don and our investors, we have lined up an amazing team to build on our current success and meet our mission of adding 1,000 more passionate customers in production in the next three years.”

New Funding Further Accelerates Company Traction
Aerospike will use the new venture capital investment to accelerate the company’s global sales, marketing and support initiatives, as well as rollout new product innovations to address the enterprise demands for more reliable and responsive solutions to their big data challenges.

In conjunction with the Series B round of financing, Rohini Chakravarthy, NEA partner, joins the Aerospike board of directors. “Aerospike has solved a very hard problem and delivered a solid product that customers rave about,” she said. “We are thrilled to team with Aerospike in building on its success and expanding its global role as the leader in real-time transaction processing for big data.”

“We are thrilled to back Aerospike, one of the most dynamic companies in a new generation of databases for Web-based big data,” said Tim Draper, founder of Draper Associates. “The team is going after a big problem with revolutionary technology. Customers come from a wide variety of industries, and all have similar enthusiasm for the Aerospike solution.”

“Aerospike is the Usain Bolt of database technology,” said Stewart Alsop, founding partner of Alsop Louie Partners, which led Aerospike’s initial venture round. “With strong leadership and proven technology deployed in some of the industry’s most data-intensive IT environments, Aerospike has what it takes to disrupt the database industry.”

Don Haderle Contributes to Big Data Innovation
In his role as an Aerospike advisor, Don Haderle is helping to shape future generations of the Aerospike NoSQL database in addressing enterprises’ real-time big data demands. Known as the father of DB2, IBM’s premier relational database management system, Don played a pivotal role in IBM’s research and development efforts for more than 35 years. He was named an IBM Fellow in 1989 and most recently served as vice president and chief technology officer for the Information Management segment of IBM before retiring in 2005. Don also was named Association for Computer Machinery Fellow in 2000 in recognition of his impact on database technology, and elected to the National Academy of Engineering for contributions to the management of high-performance relational databases and leadership in founding the relational database management industry. Additionally, he secured more than 50 patents and disclosures across all areas of database management.

“The team at Aerospike has done something special in addressing the need to combine real-time high-performance transactions with super fast data acquisition and extreme flexibility,” said Don Haderle, Aerospike advisor. “And in serving this market, Aerospike is doing it a hundred times better than the next thing around. I’m thrilled to join the team in building on this innovation as Aerospike evolves to solve enterprises’ next-generation data management needs.”

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