FireScope Inc acquires Caimit Software Ltd

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Acquiring Company: FireScope Inc View Profile Charts Homepage
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Offered: Feb 15, 2008
Announced: Jun 25, 2008
Closed: May 14, 2008


wiora sells Caimit Software to FireScope

• Second successful sale of a wiora Software Greenhouse project
• Caimit Universe 7 CMDB becomes part of FireScope BSM solution
• wiora Software takes on distribution of all FireScope products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Landau, Germany, Jul 11, 2008 – wiora Software GmbH, incubator of B2B software solutions, handed over its subsidiary Caimit Software Ltd to FireScope Inc., a US vendor of Business Service Management (BSM) solutions.
Both companies agreed that wiora Software GmbH was ideally suited to become distribution partner for all FireScope products and well positioned to facilitate access to the German-speaking market. wiora has agreed to provide software development services and 3rd level support for a transition phase in order to guarantee a smooth know-how transfer, to speed up the next product release and to support the existing customer base. Within the next few weeks, „FireScope CMDB:BE“ will hit the market as the first product that integrates technologies from both: FireScope CMDB:BE combines the Caimit CMDB with FireScope discovery tools.
The FireScope deal was the second successful sale of a technology startup launched by wiora Software GmbH. Caimit Software positioned with Universe 7 an independent CMDB that was originally conceived at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Thanks to the unique Software Greenhouse concept, wiora managed to turn a technology into a product and to position it in such a way that the new owner FireScope now has a strong foothold in the highly competitive CMDB market.
„Within a very short time we managed to turn a raw seed technology from a university into a marketable product that has set new standards for the utilization and range of a CMDB“, comments Volker Wiora, managing director of wiora Software GmbH. „This second success within a brief period confirms our business model of finding and developing promising software ideas.“
About wiora GmbH
Founded in Germany in 2006, wiora GmbH specializes in the buildup and international expansion of innovative software companies. wiora has developed its own methodology for lean software development combined with successful market positioning.
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